Taiwan Third Time Lucky

7 November 2019, Taipei   M Hotel -  Main Station ,  Taiwan Arrived here last night from Singapore. The Lion City was steamy and uncomfortable as usual. We stayed in the ‘ burbs on the Changi side of the city ,  near Eunos SMRT station. Our arrival in Taiwan today  was smooth as silk. On our last visit the lines at the immigration  hall  were  snaking  out the door  and into the corridor.   With one of us holding the place in the queue in case it didn’t work, we  register ed  for the E-Gates using the Airport’s free internet.  It did, so we slipped out of the line, heading for the vacant E-Gates   and escaped the chaos. This time we smugly approached the immigration hall ,  expecting to strut past the plebs lined hundreds deep at the manual immigration points. But today,  immigration was a cavernous space ! No queues at all. Deflated ,  we still used the E-Gates and were out of the terminal within 15 minutes of landing. One of the few  time s  in many overseas trips ,  we pu